Carefully Handmade in our workshop

All ChinPum products are manufactured at our own MAD design workshop in Madrid. Our workshop is the cornerstone of our work and the most important element for guaranteeing the quality of all our products.

Our design process is essentially based on a “hands-on” philosophy, where the main creative and connecting tool between the various processes of the chain is the intense manufacture of prototypes.

All our prototypes and final products are manufactured in our workshop in Madrid

We using high quality tools and a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques, ensuring complete control of the manufacturing process and allowing to deal with unforeseen problems quickly and efficiently.

Wood is the base of all our products, solid or laminated but always coming from responsibly managed forests.

We make sure that all the wood we use and all our suppliers are certified by at least one top rated certification body (FSC, EUR1,PEFC, …)

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We are Ricardo and Teresa